IDtech RAU400 Access Control System
January 8, 2024
IDtech RAU400 Access Control System
RAU 400
January 8, 2024

MC404 / MC410

In the symphony of your building’s security, the IDtech MC404/MC410 Master Controller plays the conductor, seamlessly orchestrating communication between your Unipass software and local access control hardware. Think of it as the brain trust, ensuring smooth operation and unwavering security, even when the server takes a break.


Unmatched Security and Capacity:

  • Boasting a hefty 200,000 user capacity (cards, fobs, you name it!) and 30,000 event log, this controller remembers everything, even when you don’t.
  • This autonomous maestro keeps the access control show running, ensuring uninterrupted security.
  • Two versions, MC404 and MC410, cater to your scale, handling up to 8 readers and 4 local controllers for the MC404, and a whopping 20 readers and 10 local controllers for the MC410.
  • Remote updates and configuration changes through a secure web interface keep your system agile.
  • When security’s paramount, choose AES or TLS encryption to keep your data under lock and key.

Fine-Tune your Security:

  • Automate door opening and closing for a touchless flow.
  • Prevent unauthorized entry attempts with this intelligent guardian.
  • Control access during business hours while ensuring smooth after-hours security.
  • In case of emergencies, this controller prioritizes safe evacuation.
  • Manage push buttons, door sensors, and electric locks with ease.
  • Integrated Ethernet and optional encryption keep your communication secure and reliable.
  • Update firmware, configure connected LAU 400 units, and stay in control, all from the comfort of your network.

Built to Weather Any Storm:

  • Even if the server falters, all events and parameters are stored, ensuring a complete security log.
  • Equip your MC404/MC410 with a backup power supply for uninterrupted operation during outages.
  • After any communication hiccup, data automatically resynchronizes between controller and server, keeping your records accurate.
  • Hardware checks and automatic restarts keep your system humming, even if it hiccups.
  •  Unipass network monitoring gives you real-time insights into your system’s health.

Additional Features:

  • Up to 200,000 user capacity
  • 30,000 event log
  • 4 or 10 local controller support (MC404/MC410)
  • 8 or 20 reader support (MC404/MC410)
  • AES or TLS encryption options
  • Secure web interface for remote management
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