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Nova Face

Compact, wall-mountable terminal for high throughput access control and time & attendance applications.

NovaFace is an advanced face recognition terminal that provides highly accurate face recognition in a compact and cost-effective embedded system. Employing the latest of high performance ARM processors, the NovaFace features a highly powerful Cortex A53 “octacore” (eight core) CPU for ultra-face capture and processing of face images.

Simple and Intuitive Subject Positioning

NovaFace detects and displays the subject’s face over 1.6 meters from the system on the high-resolution color display. The subject will simply and naturally walk toward the face capture range of 0.3 to 1.6 meters. Once the system recognizes the subject, the result will be immediately displayed with an indication line above the subject’s face image.

Key Features


FeatureUser Advantages
State of art optical designOptical design utilizes highest quality optics and very fast shutter
speed, allowing the system to exceed industry standards for image
Wide angle face imagingOutstanding capture volume allows height range of 145 to 210 cm.
Advanced real time subject tracking with simple user instructionsNovaFace accurately locates the subject face in real time and tracks in 4 sides of angle to provides wider and deeper positioning.
Intuitive user interfaceModeled after latest smart-phone user displays, the user
experience will be intuitive and effortless for almost all subjects
Face matching enginesAdvanced, embedded 8 core ARM CPU allows utilization of latest
and most powerful and accurate face algorithms.
Display of authentication
(matching) results
Automatic display of matching results, positioned adjacent to
subject’s face.
Supplemental display of
authorization results
Authorization decisions (permissions) are enabled when coupled
to access control provisioning logic so that “subject recognized,
but permission not granted” decision can be displayed.
Language supportEnglish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese,
Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, French.
Large on-board (embedded) face
template data base
Stores up to 10,000 active face templates on-board in 1:1 recognition (verification) identification mode.

Stores up to 3,000 active face templates on-board in 1:N identification mode.

High speed face matchingUp to 10,000 matches per second on-board.
Live face detectionYES, proprietary algorithm


Technical Specifications


CPUARM octa-core
Memory1GB RAM
8GB Flash
Number of camerasOne
IlluminationOne visible (white) and one near-infrared (NIR) LED for optimal face
detection and operation in low ambient light conditions
Dimensions100 x 200 x 36 mm
Weight400 g (0.9 pounds)
Display5.0 inch (nominal), touch
Operating capture range30 cm to 160 cm
User height range145cm – 210cm (wth system installed at 135 cm)
Face extraction (encoding) and
matching algorithm
YES, on-board algorithm functions included as standard. Please
con-tact CMITech for description
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