IDtech RAU400 Access Control System
MC404 / MC410
January 8, 2024
EyeAllow Iris Recognition System
January 10, 2024

RAU 400

The IDtech RAU400, the fourth generation in IDtech’s autonomous door controller line, stands as your independent security sentinel, managing access control for one door (entry/exit) or two doors (entry only). Packed with a powerful processor and enhanced memory, this controller ensures smooth operation and decisive action, even when the server takes a break.


Key Features:

  • Autonomous Access Control in One Box: Highlighting the standalone functionality and single-door/double-door management.
  • Uninterrupted Security, Onsite or Off: Emphasizing reliable operation even during server downtime.
  • Future-Proof Flexibility and Adaptability: Underscoring the ability to evolve with changing needs and integrate with diverse reader options.
  • Industry-Leading Communication and Data Protection: Showcasing secure protocols and encryption for optimal security.
  • Beyond Door Control: Comprehensive Security Management: Expanding on the RAU400’s capabilities beyond basic access control.
  • Remote Control and Easy Management: Outlining the convenience of remote configuration and updates.

Additional Options:

  • Built for Reliability and Peace of Mind: Focusing on the controller’s robust design and operational stability.
  • Seamless Integration for Complete Security Ecosystem: Emphasizing compatibility with existing IDtech hardware and software.
  • Ensuring Swift Action and Optimal Responses: Highlighting the RAU400’s ability to handle alarms and security events effectively.
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