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Suprema BioStation 3

The ultimate Suprema technology is housed in a very sleek and beautiful design in the BioStation 3. With the latest powerful processor, Suprema’s next-generation optical sensor updated face sensing technology, and capturing algorithm, this device provides the user with unparalleled performance. The BioStation 3 time and attendance management system has instant authorization access technology and rapid data transfer capabilities, allowing it to manage large amounts of data with ease. The BioStation 3 combines functionality, style, and performance.

BioStation 3 establishes a new standard in access control by delivering a new door access experience that improves security across all doors for organisations of all sizes. This terminal is smaller than the previous one, but it has the most features. BioStation 3 is simple to set up and scale in any setting, from small offices to large enterprise buildings. It is 47% smaller than Suprema’s previous best-selling facial recognition terminal, FaceStation F2. The BioStation 3 terminal’s slim, compact design is compatible with any type of door. It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to its IP65 and IK06 ratings. ScreenCheck ME provides BioStation 3 for all kinds of business needs in & out of Dubai.

Product Features

Quick Installation

POE+ allows connection with both internet and a power supply using a single wire

Fewer wires

Wi-Fi allows for wireless internet access and communication with the BioStation 3.

Simple to Connect

A custom USB host connected to a SIM slot, RS232, or other device simplifies the implementation of new add-on features.

Fast and Intelligent AI Designed for Facial Recognition Access

The NPU-optimized AI algorithm in the BioStation 3 meets the highest standards for facial recognition accuracy and speed.

Continuous Pass Through

Recognize moving faces accurately and quickly in high-traffic areas

Acceptable for Facial Variations

To improve matching performance with faces wearing masks, glasses, hats, beards, different hairstyles, and so on, use dynamic face templates.

Protected from Facial Spoofing

To protect against facial spoofing, detect fake faces, images, and photos.

BioStation 3 allows for integrated control of an entire access control system. Suprema’s contactless credentials completely remove the cost, labour and environmental impact of issuing physical RFID cards.

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