Bene Asset Tracking Solution
Bene Asset Tracking Solution
July 29, 2020
Suprema Face Station F2
Suprema Face Station F2
October 14, 2020

Suprema Thermal Camera

Suprema FaceStation 2 with Temperature Detection combines Suprema’s face recognition terminal* with Suprema Thermal Camera to detect users with elevated skin temperature.

• FaceStation 2’s face recognition algorithm designates the upper face area, enabling Suprema Therma Camera to measure the most accurate skin temperature.

• FaceStation 2 displays the temperature on a GUI raising alerts when a higher than threshold temperature is detected.

• Suprema Thermal Camera connects via USB interface making deployment quick and easy on new and retrofit installs


Enhanced security and safety

• Combination of face recognition and skin temperature measurement
• Audio and visual alerts with optional alarm
• Bypass mode for skin temperature measure only
• Temperature data can be optionally saved as event logs

Accurate temperature measurement

• Enhanced accuracy by measuring from upper face area designated by FaceStation 2
• Fast and precise measurement using thermographic camera with 19,200 pixels per frame
• Does not require reference blackbody to measure temperature

Easy deployment

• Easy connection with FaceStation 2 via USB
• Comes with a bracket for convenient deployment on new and retrofit installs

Ergonomic design for convenience

• Supports extended height range of 145 cm–210 cm for face recognition and distance of 40 cm–80 cm for     temperature measurement
• Intuitive GUI for notifications
• Temperature can be displayed both in Celsius and Fahrenheit




Part CodeTCM10-FS2
Max. Resolution120 × 160
(Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference)
<= 50 mK (@25°C, F# = 1.0)jfksfsdcsddk
Field of View37.2° × 50°(H × V)
Temperature Range30°C to 45°C (86°F to 113°F)
Temperature Accuracy*<= ±0.5°C (0.9°F)
Temperature DistanceAdjustable, 40 cm–80 cm (15.7″ to 31.5″)
Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122 °F)
(W x H x D)
Camera: 77 mm x 46 mm x 22.2 mm (3.03″ x 1.81″ x 0.87″)
Camera with Bracket: 139.84 mm x 163.8 mm x 22.8 mm
(5.51″ x 6.45″ x 0.90″)
ComponentsThermal camera with bracket and USB cable,
6 screws (does not include FaceStation 2)
Firmwarev1.3.2 or v1.4.0 and above
Compatible BioStar 2v2.8.2.90 or v2.8.5 and above


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