Welcome to ScreenCheck ME, a site where security and technology coexist. We provide a wide range of security solutions, such as visitor management systems, physical security solutions, UPS solutions, retail solutions, iris recognition technology, RFID solutions, live scanning devices, speed gates, passport scanners, time attendance and access control systems. Our products are made to protect your resources and assets while giving you the usability and effectiveness you require to complete the task at hand. We provide the solutions you want, whether you want to safeguard your premises, regulate access to restricted areas, or just manage your assets more efficiently. Explore our product selection to find the ideal solution for your requirements right now.

ID Card Printers

ScreenCheck ME offers a wide range of high-quality PVC card and plastic card printers for all your printing needs. Whether you’re looking to print employee ID cards, membership cards, or any other type of plastic card, we’ve got you covered. Our printers are known for their durability, affordability, and ease of use. Browse our selection today and find the perfect printer for your organization.

ID Card Printing Software

ScreenCheck ME provides a cutting-edge door access control solution for your company. In order to provide a secure and effective means to manage access to your premises, our biometric access control system includes the most recent face recognition technology. Using only a person’s face, you can simply give or restrict admittance using our face recognition access control. Say goodbye to cards, keys, and passwords. With ScreenCheck ME, access control is moving into the future.

Iris Recognition System

To fulfil your specific identification needs, ScreenCheck ME provides a comprehensive selection of RFID readers, RFID tags, and RFID scanners. Our cutting-edge RFID technology guarantees precise and effective asset tracking. Choose from our selection of RFID solutions to enhance your supply chain, security, and inventory management procedures. ScreencheckME can help you upgrade to RFID now.

Live Scanner

Speed Gate

A variety of high-quality speed gates, turnstiles, and turnstile gates are available from ScreencheckME to improve safety and traffic flow in any setting. Because of the strength, dependability, and user-friendliness of our goods, your investment will last for many years. We have the ideal solution to match your demands, whether you’re searching for a straightforward turnstile or a more sophisticated speed gate with biometric authentication. Learn more about the features and details of our turnstile and speed gate systems by browsing our product page.

Passport Scanners

Modern passport scanners are available with ScreenCheck ME for safe and effective identification verification. Our solutions are equipped with cutting-edge scanning technology that is quick and accurate, delivering a seamless experience for both the user and the person being verified. Upgrade your security system right away and rely on ScreencheckME for all of your passport scanning requirements.

Visitor Management

Screen Check ME is pleased to provide you with a cutting-edge UPS solution. Your one-stop source for details and specifications on our top-tier uninterruptible power supply system on our product page. You can rely on our dependable and effective solution to keep your equipment and business activities running normally even when there is a power outage. Find the ideal UPS solution for your needs by browsing our product page for additional information.

Retail Solutions

To improve consumer experience and streamline operations, Screen Check ME provides cutting-edge retail solutions. The newest technology is used in our products, which include RFID tags, RFID readers, and RFID scanners, to enable real-time inventory management systems and boost productivity in your retail setting. With ScreenCheck ME’s inventive RFID solutions and inventory tool, up your retail game.

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