Suprema BioMini Authentication Scanner

Suprema’s BioMini Authentication Scanner is an unprecedentedly versatile development platform that enables leading security companies, hardware manufacturers, and system integrators to develop biometric-enabled products. The world-famous fingerprint algorithm of Suprema has been recognized multiple times by FVC and NIST MINEX for its accuracy and interoperability globally. With a low error rate and fast verification speed, BioMini has pushed its performance beyond limits.

The BioMini includes a high-quality 500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor with an IP65-protected scratch-resistant surface for dust and water resistance. It provides NIST-certified interoperable templates/images according to ISO 19794-2/ISO19794-4/ANSI-378 standards. While Hybrid Live finger detection is featured in FBI PIV/FIPS 201 certified BioMini Plus model, all other models under this category do a match at lighting speed (1:100,000) within one second and include features such as plug-and-play USB 2.0, high-speed interface plus extensive availability of SDKs which allows seamless integration for unmatched biometric authentication capabilities.

Product Features

500dpi Optical Fingerprint Sensor with IP65 protected Sensor Surface

BioMini incorporates high quality optical sensor that can capture fingerprints at resolution of 500dpi. The sensor also features IP65 protection on its surface for protection against dust and water to ensure high performance.

  • NIST Certified interoperable template/image
  • Format standards (ISO 19794-2/ ISO19794-4/ANSI-378)
  • FBI PIV/ FIPS 201 certified (BioMini Plus)
  • Hybrid Live Finger Detection (LED) (BioMini Plus 2)
  • Fast matching speed: 1:100,000 within a second
  • Plug & Play USB 2.0 high speed interface
  • 500dpi optical fingerprint sensor
  • Scratch free sensor surface
  • IP65 (Sensor Surface)
  • SDKavailable