Suprema REALSCAN – G10

The Suprema RealScan-G10 is a compact yet powerful scanner and can be used to capture fingerprints in single and ten-print modes. This device captures images quickly by using Suprema’s advanced optical technology for image capturing and instant processing, while the built-in DSP ensures fast image handling. Its IP54 dust/water resistant case has a rubber in-mould design that provides extra shock resistance making it suitable for rough indoor usage or transportation from place to place. This portable live scanner is best for civil and criminal applications because of its reliable FBI certification which allows easy use when taking wet/dry fingerprints since they are always high quality, therefore this biometric solution has shown great performance versatility.

Product Features

  • Advanced optical technology for easy capturing of wet and an dry fingers
  • Embedded DSP for high-speed image processing
  • IP54 rated dust and water resistant housing
  • Anti-shock & vibration structure with rubber in-mold housing


  • Compact and portable all-in-one live scanner for single finger flats, rolls and four finger slaps
  • Rugged IP-54 dust and waterproof form factor
  • FBI certification for civil ID and AFIS applications
  • FIPS 201 Certified
  • Fast and easy capture of wet and dry fingers
  • Fingerprint quality, sequence, slippage checks and automatic segmentation
  • Complete compliance to IDENT and DHS requirement