eVOLIS Avansia ID Card Printers

To fulfill the requirements of medium to high-volume card issuance, EVOLIS developed Avansia ID Card Printers, which uses sophisticated retransfer printing technology to produce excellent quality with upgraded safety. These printers process jobs efficiently with 600-dpi high resolution and a quick print speed of 144 single-sided cards per hour or 96 dual-sided cards per hour. The printers also have hoppers that can hold about 250 cards for input and output, along with a reject tray for 30 cards. Our products are built solidly for heavy use and offer easy Ethernet TCP/IP as well as USB connection. It would be a perfect choice for organisations involved in secure professional-grade card issuance over medium to large volumes. Get your Avansia ID Card Printer today with the highest quality back transfer printing, fast results, a large supply chain of production, and tough build.

Available Options: Professional-grade prints; Reverse transfer printing; High speeds; Large capacities; Durable construction.

Product Features
Print Technology: Color dye sublimation Reverse transfer Resolution: 600 dpi
Print Speed: Single side 144 cards/hr with YMCK
Dual side 96 cards/hr with YMCK_K
Input Stacker: 250 cards
Output Hopper: 250 cards
Reject tray: 30 cards
Connectivity : Ethernet TCP/IP, USB 1.1 (compatible with 2 & 3.0)