eVOLIS Primacy 2 ID Card Printer

The EVOLIS Primacy 2 ID Card Printer is a high-performance solution designed for medium to large-volume card printing operations. It is known in the market as one of the fastest printers, able to produce up to 280 cards per hour in single-sided printing or 170 cards per hour in double-sided printing. This printer has the potential to perform diverse functions, such as using high-resolution modes and precise colour profiles to ensure outstanding output quality. It can also be upgraded in terms of security, with every card printed providing features such as customised images, magnetic stripes, contact/contactless chip encoding, holograms, protective laminated secure printing, and UV effects. High-level security is assured by its easy-to-interface programming procedure, along with its hardened structure and elegant look.

Multiple Printing Features
High – Performance Printing & autonomy
High Security & Card reliability
Protection of printed data
Intuitive use
Clean Design
Printing Speed
280 Cards Per hour – Single sided

170 Cards Per hour – Double Sided


200 Card Optional Feeder Capacity
Lamination Module
Smart Card Contact & Contactless Encoded