Princeton Identity’s EyeAllow™ is an adaptable user authentication device that simplifies multiple processes like access control, point-of-sale, and time tracking. It also uses various approaches, such as photographs of faces or the IRIS Recognition System, PIN ID cards, smartphone credentials, etc., to support fast and secure multi-factor authentication. The inclusion of Princeton Identity’s Seamless Enrollment allows users to effortlessly enrol with both biometric and card credentials, resulting in enhanced overall user efficiency and accessibility.

Product Features:

1. Security Enhancement:

Encrypting data while it’s at rest to improve security.

2. Blending Seamlessly:

Wiegand Input/Output (Including PIV Formats) and OSDP output are used for easy interface with current systems.

3. Local Storage:

Local People Storage with a maximum of 1000 users.

4. Unit Dimensions:

The unit’s measurements are 4.1 inches (D), 7.5 inches (H) and 3.5 inches (W).

5. Lightweight Design:

Its lightweight design—just 1.2 pounds, or 0.5 kg—ensures handling and installation that is simple.