Princeton iDENTITY Access600™

The Access600 is a high-quality, quick biometric capture device for the face and iris that can be integrated into a number of application solutions. The gadget’s elegant design includes a frameless design, attractive contours, and an impressive appearance. The product stands out from other high-quality enrolling devices as it supports a broad variety of user heights. It provides an intuitive user interface which automatically adjusts to gather face and iris biometrics if you gently focus and look towards the screen. We provide a comprehensive array of application solutions by integrating Access600 with badge readers, fingerprint capture devices, passport scanners, and other sensors.

Product Features

  • Biometric capture time :  < 2 second
  • Front-lit face photo
  • Subject height range     :   4’7” to 7’ (140cm to 215cm), adjustable based on mounting height
  • Unit (Size)                       : 5.5” x 22.75” x 4.75” (139.7mm x 577.85mm x 120.65mm)
  • Unit (Weight)                  : 15.9lbs (7.21kg)