Suprema RealPass F

Suprema’s RealPass-F is an advanced, multi-functional ID document and passport reader that captures a wide range of data including OCR text, photos, characters, barcodes as well as information from contact and contactless smart chips seamlessly. As an innovative e-passport reader, it specialises in full-page one-step reading of visual data pages and RF chip data in line with ICAO requirements. Developed to enhance security at immigration checkpoints, RealPass-F has features like UV illumination which can be used for OVD as well as Co-axial illumination among many other optional features, and therefore, it comes with a dual camera to facilitate 800 dpi high-resolution photo capture.

This versatile device is packed into a rugged IP54-rated casing with a compact ergonomic design USB 2.0 interface to power the device and transfer data, making it a perfect all-in-one solution to read electronic ID cards and travel documents with unrivalled accuracy and speed that offers flexible OCR capability. It supports different kinds of illuminations, reads OVD holograms for RFID and ISO7816 contact cards, scans 1D or 2D barcode images, and captures double-camera highly resolved snapshots.

Product Features

  • Compact size and ergonomic design
  • Powered from USB , no need for ecternal power supply
  • Flexible OCR to read various document types
  • Supports various types of illuminaition(white / IR / UV / coaxial)
  • OVD hologram reading for RFID, ISO7816 contact card
  • Reads ID and 2D barcodes
  • Dual camera for 800dpi photo capture


  • Automatic scanning of VIZ and RFID of ICAO documents
  • Reads various types of cards including national ID’s and driver’s licenses.
  • Support contact/contactless smartcard and SAM slot
  • Fast recognition speed and low error rate
  • Fraud prevention functionality using UV and OVD