Suprema RealPass – V

The Suprema RealPass-V is a powerful, multi-functional RFID passport reader tailored for the stringent immigration checks and high-speed processing of passports. The machine uses a single scan technique for automatic identification and fast scanning of many valid ID documents including OCR data, photos, characters, barcodes, and contact/contactless smart chips. The lay-on scanning method enhances prompt document processing. It reads RF chips through standard security protocols in conformity with ICAO Doc 9303. Document authentication is enhanced by advanced UV and IR illumination imaging. This exceptional device can be used in immigration clearance, Autogates (automated immigration gates), and CUSS check-in kiosks amongst others thereby offering unequalled accuracy and throughput for efficient travel document processing.

Product Features

  • Single-Step Reading Technique
  • Single-Step Reading Technique
  • Faster Lay-on Type Scanning
  • ICAO Doc 9303 Compliance
  • UV & IR Illumination Imaging


  • Immigration Clearance
  • Automated immigration clearance system (Autogate)
  • CUSS & Self-Check in Kiosk

Main Features

  • Reads MRZ of ICAO Document 9303 compliant travel documents and cards
  •  Captures 420 dpi, 24 bit true color image of MRZ
  •  Extracts and saves photos or certain image area from visual data page
  •  IR and UV (option) illumination for checking hidden graphical patterns
  • Reads ISO 14443 Type A/B contactless chip of ICAO standard e-passports • Supports security protocols of e-passports
  •  Provides SDK for easy integration with any systems
  • Provides quality checking software for e-passport issuing (option)
  • Reads 1D or 2D barcode (option)