TiSO traffic automatic bollards offer an unrivalled level of multifunction and smooth installation, rendering them the top choice for a wide range of security tasks. Engineered to suit the purpose, these revolutionary barriers effectively withstand wear and tear and offer prolonged operational durability even under the most arduous conditions.

Comprising two innovative variants—one with an integrated hydraulic unit and external PLC and another featuring a standalone control box housing the hydraulic power unit and PLC—the TiSO automatic traffic bollards offer a tailored solution, allowing customers to select the option that best suits their specific needs and infrastructure. Industrial specialists have meticulously created these top-notch advanced automatic bollards, which consist of effortless deployment, robust construction, and intuitive controls. They help build secure perimeters and control vehicles with uncompromising efficiency in commercial, industrial, and governmental settings.

There are a variety of accessories which will ensure that the equipment can operate in severe climate conditions. This includes extreme temperatures below 0 C°. Having no high security features the traffic bollards is the perfect choice for installations at residential premises as well as areas that do not require anti-ramming protection. All the equipment is extensively designed and tested for high intensity operation.