Offering versatile access control solutions for areas with frequent vehicular traffic or limited power sources, the TiSO traffic manual retractable bollards provide a reliable static obstacle to secure pedestrian zones and other sensitive spaces from unauthorised vehicle intrusion. Complementing the comprehensive TiSO bollard range, these manually operated units deliver the same uncompromising quality and performance that has made the brand a trusted name in high-security perimeter protection.

The manual retractable tip of the anti-vehicle bollards is designed for easy and convenient operation. They can be employed on demand without the need for any ancillary external power, which renders them ideal for a wide range of applications where reliability, durability, and adaptability are crucially important attributes. Engineered to the same specifications as their automatic counterparts, this product is a much cheaper and more versatile solution. It is preferred for controlling vehicle access in areas with frequent use or little infrastructure to guarantee the safety and security of people and assets.

These bollards are a perfect solution for installations which require temporary free driveways during certain hours of a day/night. The bollard are locked / unlocked by a turn of a specially supplied key.
The user-friendly handle at the top of the bollard enables easy and smooth manual rising and lowering. The other advantage is that these bollards do not require a power supply.
TiSO range of manually retractable bollards are available in different dimensions, blocking heights, tube materials and diameters.