For places with light traffic flow, the TiSO traffic removable bollards are a budget-friendly and flexible choice for restricting vehicle access.

Designed to focus on mobility, these bollards can be easily removed when needed, providing unobstructed driveway access. With proven reliability, easy operation, and excellent portability, the TiSO removal bollards can be used for securing the perimeter and managing access in various types of commercial, industrial, and municipal settings, offering a functional, affordable solution without compromising performance.

Removable bollard is removed by a simple turn of a specially supplied key. These bollards are a perfect solution for installations which require temporary free driveways during certain hours of a day/night.
A comprehensive range of removable bollards are available from TiSO in different dimensions, blocking heights, tube materials, and diameters.
The installation depth of 315 mm makes this bollard easy and quick to install.