The TiSO M30 high-security road blockers are the ultimate safeguard against unauthorised vehicular access, engineered and designed to the highest industry standards. Meticulously crafted to prevent the intrusion of vehicles into secured areas, these robust barriers have been rigorously tested and certified by the prestigious ASTM F2656-07 standards, earning the coveted M50, P1 (-2.4m), and M30, P1 (-2.1m) ratings. This great success demonstrates the never-ending ability of these structures to resist the destructive action of high-speed, heavy-duty vehicles.

Surprisingly enough, these obstacles can stop a truck weighing 7.5 tons moving at a velocity of 48 km/h and continue working after contact with it. A product jointly developed by a team of senior engineers with extensive experience in this field, the TISO M30 road blockers scrupulously maintain safety levels and offer quick installation, easy maintenance, flawless operation, best durability, and the widest functionality.

Product Features

Due to the high security level required from this product, this series has been extensively tried and tested to ensure maximum performance and reliability during high intensity operations. Available in standard blocking widths of 2-4 meters, the customer also has the option for other combinations of modules to suit variable driveway/road widths.


Model  :  RB312,  RB313, RB314

Installation type : Shallow mounted

Drive :  Hydraulic (HPU)

Width, mm :  2000, 3000, 4000

Height, mm : 800

Impact resistance, J : 656 000

Axle load, t :  15

Rising time, sec : 3,5 (1,5 with EFO)

Lowering time, sec : 3,5

Operating temperatures*, ° C : -40 / 60

Power supply : 3 phase 380 V, 50/60 Hz

Protection level : IP 67 (for road blocker) IP 54 (for control box)

Material : Structural steel C22 (powder coated)


* for temperatures lower than -10 °C use the heating device

* for temperatures higher than 40 °C use the cooler device