Daosafe DS 401 FS

The Daosafe DS 401FS is a hardened full-height turnstile for throughput-intensive, purpose-critical locations with stringent security requirements. The DS 401 FS features a protective canopy, which prevents rain or other inclement weather from damaging the turnstile’s brushed stainless steel body. It also thwarts attempts of unauthorised entry by preventing individuals from climbing over the structure. Built with premium, durable materials that are anti-rust, waterproof, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the DS 401 FS is a perfect fit for regions requiring maximum security levels, such as embassies, stadiums, banks, prisons, oil fields, construction sites, airports, and ports.

The DS-401 FS, with its combination of full-height design and a protective canopy, provides a comprehensive security solution that rigorously controls access and discourages unauthorised entry. This has consequently made a variety of organisations and facilities that value strong security protocols to depend on this access control solution, thereby indicating its efficiency and trustworthiness.


  • Long-life performance & high operation dependability
  • Anti-intrusion, Anti-reverse & Anti-trailing functions
  • Single directional or Bi-directional options
  • Override key function
  • Automatic reset functions
  • LED Indicator


Model No.: DS401FS

Type: Full-height turnstile with rain cover

Framework Material: 304 Stainless steel

Arm support: 120° rotors with 3 sections or 90° rotors with 4 sections

Dimension: 1500 * 1350 * 2250mm

Passage Width: 1 lane, 650mm/lane

Net Weight: 250kg/pcs

Passing Direction: Single directional / Bi-directional

MCBF: 5 million

Power Supply: AC220V/110V, 50/60Hz

Operation Voltage: 24V DC

Power Consumption: 40W

Operation Temperature: -15 °C – 60 °C

Operation Humidity: 0 – 95% (No freeze)

Working Environment: Indoor / Outdoor

Flow Rate: 30-40 people per minute

LED Indicator: Yes

Emergency: Automatic arm open when power off

Communication: Dry contact, Relay signal, RS485