The TiSO SPEEDBLADE is an aesthetically pleasing motorised turnstile that combines sleek design with advanced security features. It features a unique sliding flap operation principle crafted with premium housing materials and lightweight cabinet shapes, making it a universal solution for a wide range of facilities that demand equipment of elegant standards. Besides smoothly integrating into upscale surroundings, TiSO SPEEDBLADE also maintains precise access control. As a freeway series product, it has an anti-tailgating program that ensures no unauthorised entries occur in highly secured places.

The beautifully designed sliding flaps, made from durable glass or polycarbonate, contribute to the building’s modern design. They offer users the option of push-button operation or ACS integration to facilitate foot traffic control in large corporate offices, posh shops, and high-class hotel rooms.

Product Features


  • Speedblade equipped with sensors that allows to detect tailgating
  • Ultra quite direct drive unit
  • Successful combination of affordable price and high quality
  • Customized surface finish and top lid
  • Steadfast housing suitable for high traffic areas
  • Solution for disabled and trolley access
  • Can be integrated with any type of access control systems
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise system operation
  • Can be mounted on a mobile platform (TiSO Frame-M)


Unit dimensions (WxLxH), mm : 1480x1000x1000
Crossing capacity, pers/min  : 30
Opening/Closing, sec : 0,8
Passage width, mm :900
Weight, kg (not more) : 233
Mechanism : Motorized
Standard housing : Brushed SS AISI 304
Available housing : Brushed SS AISI 316 , Polished SS AISI 304,Polished SS AISI 316,Powder coated RAL