Daosafe Swing model DS 9000

The DS 9000 Daosafe is a high-class barrier that provides robust security with the highest speed for easy and safe accessibility. The arm is height adjustable (900-1800 mm) and width adjustable (550-900 mm) to enable multi-directional movements in restricted and awkward spaces. This stainless-steel product with a brushed metal finish is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its anti-rust and waterproof construction ensures that the equipment can effectively function in various environments.
Furthermore, the DS 9000 allows safe, high-end installations in government buildings, banks, airports, and sports arenas, among other places. Thus, the DS 9000 offers a combination of secure, flexible access with durable hardware and integration possibilities, making it an optimal solution for businesses seeking to protect their facility and manage the entry process.


  • Long-life performance & high operation dependability
  • Anti-intrusion, Anti-reverse & Anti-trailing functions
  • Single directional or Bi-directional options
  • Smooth, noise-free running system
  • Automatic reset functions
  • LED Indicator


Model No.: DS9000

Type: Speed Gate

Framework Material: 304 Stainless Steel+ Plexiglas Arm

Arms material: Plexiglas-transparency

Dimension: 1400 *168 * 1000mm

Net Weight: 75kg/pcs (single core), 85kg/pcs (double core)

Passage Width: 550mm(standard), 900mm(handicap)

Arm Height: 900-1800mm(Optional)

Flexibility: Integrate with any access control

Passing Direction: Single directional / Bi-directional

MCBF: 10 million

Power Supply: AC220V/110V, 50/60Hz

Operation Voltage: 24V DC

Power Consumption: 1.11w 40W

Operation Temperature: -20 °C – 75 °C

Operation Humidity: 0 – 95% (No freeze)

Working Environment: Indoor / Outdoor (IP65)

Flow Rate: 40-45 people per minute

LED Indicator: LED indicators on top: green -‘ entry. red x no entry

Infrared Sensor: 5 pairs(standard)

Emergency: Automatic arm open when power off

Communication: Dry contact, Relay signal, RS485