TiSO TWIX – Tripod Turnstile Gate

The TiSO TWIX is a resilient and versatile two-legged tripod turnstile gate. It offers enhanced rigidity and ample space for seamless integration of identification solutions, which sets it apart from traditional one-legged turnstile entry systems. With its advanced features, such as access control system connectivity, bidirectional operation, and a drop arm option, the TiSO TWIX is a comprehensive access control solution. Its motorised function and intuitive push-button controls empower users to manage pedestrian flow with ease.

Its complacent two-legged design provides superb stability, and the extra room allows for the steady integration of identification systems. Thus, our product delivers incomparable, tailored-made, safe entrance services for various types of buildings.

Product Features


  • Bi-directional motorized tripod turnstile with panic / bar drop function;
  • High quality at a cost effective price;
  • Integration with any type of access control and ID systems;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Panic / bar drop function with automatic reset;
  • Whisper quiet, low noise operation;
  • Optional indoor or outdoor housing types;
  • Wide range of accessories;
  • Availability of a back up battery connection;


Unit dimensions (WxLxH), mm : 740x1000x1000
Crossing capacity in free access mode, pers/min : 60
Crossing capacity in single access mode, pers/min : 25
Passage width, mm: 570