Dm – 20

The DM-20 offers secure door control for up to four doors, facilitated by encrypted communication and two Wiegand reader interfaces for seamless integration with third-party readers.

Its wide array of I/O interfaces enables the DM-20 to be a flexible component in diverse system configurations. When combined with a Suprema Device, the DM-20 empowers you to design and implement a centralised access control system with an impressive capacity of up to 32 doors and up to 8 biometric devices through a daisy-chain configuration. This powerful combination streamlines access management while ensuring robust security and convenience

Product Features

  • Encrypted communication
  • Wiegand in / out x 2
  • 4 x supervised input
  • Controls up to 4 doors
  • RS – 485 communication
  • 6 x TTL Output
  • Secure data transmission due to encrypted communication
  • Control up to four doors through multiple inputs and outputs
  • Easily monitor device status with 4 additional supervised input
  • Provides ability to implement Centralized Access Control with a Suprema device