OM – 120

The OM-120 can be configured with the BioStar 2 system, allowing elevators to be controlled from different floors. With the amazing feature of managing 192 floors per elevator and the unbelievable capacity of 1,000 elevators in one BioStar2 system, the product has become a trendsetter in the field of vertical access management. Additionally, beyond the elevator management, OM-120 is able to generate multiple output signals, namely the preset relays for the entry and predefined zones.
In critical situations like a fire emergency, the OM-120 system shines. It can swiftly configure input/output for fire alarm zones via aux and relay ports, ensuring a rapid response and bolstering safety measures. This powerful solution combines robust elevator management with flexible signal configurations, delivering a seamless and secure access control experience. With the OM-120, you can elevate your vertical access control to new heights while maintaining optimal efficiency and convenience.

Product Features

  • 12 output relays per unit
  • Controls max. 192 floors per elevator
  • Preset alert for alarms in APB zones
  • Elevator groups can be added to a certain fire alarm zone • Terminating
  • resistance for RS-485 connections