ARCS-A/BT – 13.56 MHz DESFire® EV3 + Bluetooth® standard reader

Introducing the ARCS-A/BT, a revolutionary 13.56 MHz DESFire® EV3 + Bluetooth® standard reader from the innovative Architect® Blue series. Say goodbye to bulky access cards and hello to convenience and security! ARCS-A/BT is an innovative concept that revolutionises the access system, seamlessly connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth® or NFC for hassle-free, contactless unlocking. Flexibility is built into the product’s DNA, enabling easy upgrades with advanced features, such as touch screens or biometric scans.

With the Architect® Blue reader, the integration of access control has ushered in a new era in user-friendliness and compatibility. The reader utilises the latest technology, enabling various access control standards to work together with current systems. This innovative solution provides additional convenience and security, ensuring a future-proof and complete access control experience.

Product Features

Steadfast Protection:

  • Enjoy the benefits of EAL5+ certified encryption, which protects your data using the highest level of electronic security
  • Easily accepts innovations while integrating seamlessly with current systems
  • Sensitive data is automatically erased by anti-tamper technology if it detects unapproved access

Effortless Convenience:

  • The Bluetooth® and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies enable unlocking doors with a simple wave of a smartphone. This streamlines access control while ensuring ease of use
  • Functions flawlessly with all protocols and access control systems
  • Easily add a touchscreen, biometrics, or even QR code support to enhance features and functionality

Additional Components:

  • RFID, Bluetooth® and NFC identification well-secured and reliable
  • The encryption is EAL5+ certified, ensuring the highest level of security
  • Access via smartphone is possible through Bluetooth® and NFC integration
  • The design is modular, allowing for easy updates and future-proofing
  • It works seamlessly with all access control systems and protocols