Suprema BioStation3

BioStation 3, the apex of access control technology, highlights Suprema’s groundbreaking novelty and the resulting elegant and stylish look. Powered by the most recent developments in the high-degree processor, updated face recognition technology and Suprema’s new optical sensor, the device stands out with its superior recognition power. The software that BioStation 3 runs on possesses instantaneous data verification technology and serves as a medium for rapid data transfer, thus processing large data quantities in an unprecedentedly efficient manner. With the combination of usability, design, and superlative performance, the BioStation 3 not only sets a new bar in this domain but also serves as an inspiration for future innovations.

  • With this terminal, a user can establish integrated control of the complete access control system.
  • Suprema’s contactless authentication is another way to reduce costs, labour, and the environmental impact of physical RFID cards.
  • Remarkably, the BioStation 3 is 47% smaller than Suprema’s previous best-selling facial recognition terminal, the FaceStation F2, without compromising on the features or capabilities.
  • The BioStation 3’s slim, compact design is compatible with any type of door, making it the ideal solution for seamless integration into a wide range of environments.

Offered by ScreenCheck in the Middle East and Africa, the BioStation 3 sets a new standard in access control functionality.

With its IP65 and IK06 certifications, the unit can operate in both indoor and outdoor environments and demonstrates consistent operation in various setups, be it a small office or a big office complex. The BioStation 3’s modern design with attractive and ergonomic features makes it suitable for any professional setup.


Installation is simple.

POE+ allows a single wire to connect to both the internet and a power supply.

Fewer wires

Wi-Fi enables wireless internet access as well as communication with the BioStation 3.

Easy to Connect

A custom USB host connected to a SIM slot, RS232 port, or other device makes it easier to implement new add-on features.

AI Designed for Facial Recognition Access that is Fast and Intelligent

The BioStation 3’s NPU-optimized AI algorithm meets the highest standards for facial recognition accuracy and speed.

Constant Pass Through

In high-traffic areas, accurately and quickly recognise moving faces.

Acceptable for Facial Differences

Use dynamic face templates to improve matching performance with faces wearing masks, glasses, hats, beards, different hairstyles, and so on.

Safe from Facial Spoofing

Detect fake faces, images, and photos to protect against facial spoofing.