IDtech MC404/MC410

Introducing the IDtech MC404/MC410 Master Door Controller, the central hub orchestrating the harmonious operation of your building’s security system. This intelligent controller acts as a specialised conductor, seamlessly coordinating interactions between your Unipass program and local access control devices. Rest assured with the MC404/MC410, as it guarantees stable and highly efficient connections, even in the face of communication interruptions due to trivial reasons, ensuring the reliability of your security system.
The solid design delivers continuous smart control, maintaining the highest levels of convenience and safety within the premises. This unit of power not only automates operations but also brings scalability and flexibility. The platform’s modular architecture is compatible and integrates with numerous access control peripherals, letting you personalise the system according to your specific needs. With the MC404/MC410, you get a cutting-edge and future-proof solution that is always ready to meet your latest demands, ensuring long-term trust and ease of use.

Product Features

Safety and Capacity:

  • The MC404/MC410 holds vital information for thorough security management, with an amazing 200,000-user capacity and a 30,000 event log.
  • For unbroken security, the controller maintains its independence and provides ongoing access control functions.
  • To fit your needs, select from the MC404 and MC410 variants, which can hold up to 8 readers and 4 local controllers for the MC404 and up to 20 readers and 10 local controllers for the MC410 model.
  • Take advantage of the flexibility of the network with the ability of distant changes and modifications to configuration via a secure online connection.
  • Make privacy a priority by using TLS or AES encryption to protect personal information.

Precision Security Optimisation:

  • For more efficient activities, automating the opening and closing of autonomous doors.
  • Use clever safeguards to thwart efforts at illegal entrance.
  • Even beyond business hours, make sure you maintain strict access controls and high security.
  • Consider secure escape protocols in case of emergency.
  • Handle electronic locks, door sensors and push buttons with ease.
  • Efficient and dependable communication is ensured with incorporated Ethernet and optional cryptography.
  • Update the firmware on linked devices, like LAU 400 and set them up over your network.

Resilient Performance in Any Situation:

  • The MC404/MC410 retains all events and settings for a comprehensive security log, even during server outages.
  • Give the controller a backup power source so that it may continue to function even in the event of an outage.
  • Accuracy is guaranteed during communication hitches by automatic data resynchronisation.
  • System functioning is preserved by automatic restarts and hardware inspections.
  • Unipass network monitoring offers real-time insights into the health of the system.

Additional Features:

  • 200,000 user capacity guarantees scalability and flexibility to meet different security requirements.
  • A robust event log with 30,000 events stored allows for thorough monitoring and analysis.
  • The ability to accommodate four or ten local controllers (MC404/MC410) enables customisation to meet unique needs.
  • Support for eight or twenty readers (MC404/MC410) improves integration possibilities and accessibility for extensive security configurations.
  • It uses TLS or AES encryption to guarantee data confidentiality and integrity.
  • Safe web interface for online administration.