IDtech RAU 400

IDtech’s RAU 400 represents the fourth generation in their line of automated door controllers. This reliable product can be used for the absolute safety of entry/exit or one-door access control. Equipped with an advanced CPU and a generous memory size, the system facilitates seamless operation and intelligent decisions, guaranteeing a secure door access control mechanism.
RAU 400 can be the standard choice for automated gateway protocols with a scalable structure, future-proof architecture, and resilient communication protocols that facilitate data access control and synchronisation with different reader options. This reduces the risk of data manipulation or breach. The compact and mighty RAU 400 access control system has robust security elements and an intelligent automation system that beats the competition in the field of access control.

Product Features

Standalone Functionality with Autonomous Access Control:

  • Handles one or two-door access controls with simplicity

Reliable Operation:

  • Always maintains security be it onsite or off, even when the server is unavailable

Flexible Integration:

  • It can easily adjust to changing requirements and interface with a variety of reader alternatives

Secure Communication:

  • Using encryption and sophisticated secure protocols, data safety can be significantly increased

Comprehensive Security Management:

  • Expands the scope of control to provide complete safety oversight beyond entrance admission

Remote Configuration:

  • Easily controls updates and settings from any location

Additional Components

Robust Design:

  • It is designed with operating stability and dependability in mind

Seamless Integration:

  • Constructed to effortlessly combine with the current IDtech hardware and software

Effective Response:

  • For the best security, react to alerts and security incidents quickly