ARC1 Easyline – Pre-configured 13.56 MHz DESFire® EV2 Mullion Reader

The ARC1 Easyline, the pre-configured 13.56 MHz DESFire® EV2 Mullion Reader from the renowned Architect® One series, has set new benchmarks in space efficiency and security. This compact RFID MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 card reader is the ultimate solution for areas where a small footprint is essential, such as lift shafts, door frames, and small hallways. Despite its thin architecture and lack of special signs, the ARC1 Easyline reader ensures a high level of data protection. Its encryption and self-defence mechanisms make it a formidable barrier against hacks, providing peace of mind to security-conscious users.

The ARC1 Easyline reader is not just about compactness and security; its seamless integration with established protocols and versatility makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of access control requirements. Architect® One has indisputably revolutionised and expanded data security with its powerful and compact design.

Product Features

Effortless Fit in Tight Spaces:

This mullion reader ensures maximum space usage without sacrificing security by fitting neatly into tight places such as door frames, lifts or small hallways

Discreet and Elegant Design Blends:

The ARC1 Easyline blends in well with any setting because of its understated and sophisticated design, which adds refinement without drawing attention to itself

Robust Security Mechanisms:

Architect® One offers strong defence mechanisms to protect data from potential threats and unauthorised access, giving you top-notch security.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems:

With its ability to blend smoothly with current protocols and systems, this adaptable reader fits right into your existing setup. This improves your access control system without causing any difficulties.
Overall, the ARC1 Easyline is a practical and versatile solution for access control needs. It allows you to make the best use of your space while providing strong security measures.