ARCS-B/BT Easyline – Pre-configured 13.56 MHz DESFire® EV2 + Bluetooth® keyboard reader

The Architect® Blue class ARCS-B/ARCS-BT Easyline is a powerful fusion of the Bluetooth® keyboard reader and the pre-configured 13.56 MHz DESFire® EV2, offering a robust and versatile access control solution. This creative reader utilises NFC technologies for device authentication and MFA( Multi-Factor Authentication) as a second line of defence through capacitive keypad keying.

The ARCS-B/BT Easyline is a weatherproof product with vandal shelters that fortifies its integrity, ensuring it remains durable and tamper-proof even in harsh conditions. The system’s innovative design can change in real-time, ensuring real -time upgrades and protection against data breaches. Integration is hassle-free with ARCS-B/BT Easyline as its Wiegand connection to the access control system allows for a reduction in the installation time. This robust reader seamlessly integrates sophisticated security tools with a user-friendly and highly customizable design, empowering you to create a complete and efficient access control system tailored to your specific needs.

Product Features

1. Threeway Security Technology

ARCS-F/BT combines RFID, NFC and Bluetooth to defend against unpermitted breaches. This multifaceted approach assists in building a robust defence.

2. Enhanced Multi-Factor Authentication

Their vandal-resistant capacitive keypad adds an extra layer of security for ARCS-B/BT Easyline through multi-factor authentication.

3. Resilient Vandal-Proof Design

Constructed with a vandal-proof enclosure to withstand efforts at physical alteration.

4. Weather-Resistant Durability

Maintains dependable performance and dependability in a range of weather situations thanks to weather-resistant characteristics.

5. Adaptable Future-Proof Design

ARCS-B/BT Easyline’s future-proof design allows for the simple integration of new elements, like biometrics, to meet changing security requirements without needing a total redesign.

6. Seamless Compatibility and Integration

Minimises setup complexity and saves time and costs by seamlessly integrating with popular access control systems using Wiegand.