ARCS-AQ/BT – Multi-technology reader 13.56 MHz + Bluetooth® + QR Code

Elevate your security infrastructure with the Architect® Blue ARCS-AQ/BT, a multi-technology reader that redefines access management. This advanced device seamlessly combines RFID, NFC, Bluetooth®, and an integrated QR code/Barcode module, offering an all-encompassing solution for employee and visitor identification. Architect® Blue ARCS-AQ/BT provides easy and rapid access control in various locations such as offices, parking lots, or other facilities, making it perfect for high-standard access management.

Experience the convenience of multiple technologies seamlessly integrated into one device, offering a user-friendly journey for the end-user. Discover perfect integration and enjoy smooth operation as this multi-purpose reader effortlessly integrates with existing security protocols, redefining your approach to access control. ARCS-AQ/BT is not just an access management system, it’s a future-ready and scalable solution. Powered by IoT, it’s designed to evolve and adapt to the growing needs of your organisation, ensuring long-term value.

Product Features

Simple QR Codes Scan:

The Bluetooth QR code reader quickly scans to streamline visitor and staff identification procedures day or night.

Harmonious Coordination:

Enhanced operational efficiency is achieved through seamless integration with current access systems and the ability to scan all sorts of QR codes.

Upgrading for the Future:

Stay ahead with future-proof technology, allowing easy integration of additional features like touchscreens to adapt to evolving security needs.

Strong Defence:

Fortified with top-tier encryption, designed for any environment to ensure rock-solid protection for your access control system.