Moca systems

Airfob Space by MOCA System is the first 100% cloud-based access control system. It redefines the industry by offering simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and heightened security. Airfob Space minimizes the risks associated with physical cards by using cloud-based mobile access credentials. It stands out as a future-ready technology, with features like instant access through tapping, simplified installation, and effortless maintenance via automatic updates. Experience the future of access control with Airfob Space – an advanced, yet simple, cloud-based solution.


100% Cloud-Based System

The first 100% cloud-based access control system, ensuring simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and heightened security with integrated mobile credentials.

World’s Easiest Installation

Simplifies installation, utilizing Airfob Edge Readers that connect directly to the cloud, requiring only internet, power, and door connections.

Simplified Maintenance

User and access level management is effortlessly performed through an intuitive cloud-based portal and app.

One System for Every Door

Seamlessly access both wired access readers and battery-powered door locks from a unified dashboard and a single database.

Future-Ready Technology

Equipped with native mobile credentials at no extra cost.

Facilitates instant and easy distribution to guests and visitors via email or text message.

Supports various RFID card formats, including MIFARE, DESFire, and FeliCa, ensuring compatibility with diverse technologies.

Instant Access with Mobile Credentials

Easy to use experience by allowing instant access by tapping the phone to the reader.

The long-press feature enhances accessibility, activating readers up to five meters away.

Comprehensive and Secure

User-friendly yet powerful, Airfob Space allows access control, log monitoring, and time and attendance tracking.

Provides exceptional durability with its standout IP67 rating.

Ensures high security with ISO 27001 certification, AES-256, and TLS 1.2 encryption.