Suprema Xpass

Suprema XPass is an IP-based, intelligent, and innovative time and attendance control system that gives a new dimension to security access in enterprises of different scales—from the smallest to the largest. This smart access control unit gracefully blends Suprema’s new IP-based access control technology to make it an intelligent reader and controller supported by distributed intelligence capabilities. Equipped with RS485 and Wiegand interfaces, XPass effortlessly integrates with legacy systems, ensuring a smooth transition.
Fully compatible with Suprema’s BioStar systems, it offers the added flexibility of biometric IP access control, catering to diverse organisational requirements with unparalleled adaptability. XPass has emerged as Suprema’s intelligent IP access vanguard, delivering robust security, seamless integration, and future-proof scalability.

Product Features

  • TCP/IP & Network interfaces
  • Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • Enterprise-level access control capacity
  • IP65 weatherproof structure
  • Easier installation & operation
  • Sleek & aesthetic design


  • CPU : 400Mhz DSP
  • Memory : 8MB flash 16MB SDRAM
  • Log Capacity : 50,000
  • User Capacity : 40,000
  • Card Option : 13.56MHz Mifare, 125 KHz EM, HID Prox.
  • Authentication : Card
  • Interface I/O : TCP/IP, RS485, 2 x TTL inputs, Wie
  • Accessory unit for secure door control and I/O expansion
  • Encrypted communication for enhanced security
  • 16MHz 8bit microprocessor
  • 4 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs
  • Size : 143 x 82 x 35 mm (W x H x D)