Salicru SPS Advance R

The Salicru SPS Advance R line-interactive sine-wave UPS, available in a compact 1U rack format from 750 VA to 1500 VA, delivers robust power protection with advanced features. An AVR (automatic voltage regulation) system and an output that provides a true sine wave presents them as high-performance transformers. They are assisted by LCD display keys and a smart plug for quick and easy integration with SNMP. In addition, potential-free contact, Modbus, and RS-232 standard communication interfaces are employed, providing users with demanding and reliable power system management.

  • Line-interactive technology with AVR stabilisation (buck-boost).
  • Pure sine wave. · Ultra-compact 1U rack format.
  • LCD display keys for operation and information.
  • Smart slot for SNMP/potential-free contacts/Modbus.
  • RS-232 communication interface.