Salicru SPS Advance RT

The Salicru SPS Advance RT line-interactive sine-wave UPS, available from 800 VA to 3000 VA, delivers uncompromising power protection with a host of advanced features. Boasting a permanent automatic voltage regulation (AVR) system and a power factor of 0.9, these compact, 2U convertible tower/rack units offer reliable backup extensions for all power ratings. In addition to the resilient hardware of the product, the SPS Advance RT software is also downloadable and compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS, whereby users can smoothly monitor their power setup across different platforms.

  • Line-interactive technology with sine-wave output.
  • Permanent AVR stabilisation.
  • Output power factor PF=0.9.
  • Convertible tower/rack format (2U).
  • Backup extensions available for all power ratings.
  • Downloadable monitoring software for Windows, Linux and Mac.