Salicru SPS Advance T

The Salicru SPS Advance T series offers a reliable, line-interactive sine-wave UPS solution in a compact tower format, with a voltage range of 850VA to 3,000VA. Modelled with the world’s leading Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology, these units provide a constant flow of power with an extremely effective boost. Using network adaptation, the SPS series of Advance T models supports commonly available modes of communication, like RS-232, USB, and HID, with a Smart chip slot capable of SNMP integration. Thus, the product fits well in various IT network environments.
What’s more, these UPS systems are unconditionally compatible with advanced power supplies (APFC) units and support a power backup extension feature. This feature grants users the opportunity to ensure the protection of critical systems by installing monitoring and management software for Windows, Linux, and macOS systems.

  • Line-interactive technology with sine-wave output.
  • Permanent AVR stabilisation (buck-boost).
  • Compact tower format.
  • RS-232 and USB-HID communication interfaces.
  • Smart slot for SNMP adapter.
  • Compatible with APFC power supplies.
  • Possibility of backup extension
  • Monitoring and management software for Windows, Linux and Mac.