Salicru SPS ONE

The Salicru SPS ONE line-interactive UPS with the range 500VA-2000VA provides complete power protection and a wide range of features. The enhanced line-interactive system provides Automatic voltage stabilisation AVR using the buck and boost regulation method, which automatically guarantees continuous and clean electricity flow. Along with their strong hardware, the SPS ONE models feature a USB interface, which effortlessly allows you to install downloadable monitoring software for Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac platforms. In addition, these UPS systems offer protection against overloads, short circuits, and transients, a smart battery charger that shortens recharging time, and an automatic restart function for power continuation when the supply is hindered.

  • Line-interactive technology AVR Boost & Buck permanent stabilisation.
  • USB interface for all models as standard Downloadable monitoring software for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac
  • Protection against overloads, short circuits and transients.
  • Smart battery charger to shorten average recharging times.
  • Backup battery for power supply interruptions.
  • Automatic voltage stabilisation (AVR).
  • Pseudo sine wave output voltage.
  • Automatic restart when power supply restored.
  • USB communication interface with HID protocol.
  • Monitoring software for Windows, Linux and Mac.