Salicru SLC Twin Pro

Offering unparalleled power protection, the Salicru SLC Twin Pro series of online, double-conversion UPS delivers reliable backup solutions from 4 to 20 kVA. Equipped with advanced DSP control technique and a compact tower design, these dependable UPS systems have a wide variety of operating modes, which makes them highly adaptable. Furthermore, the SLC Twin Pro features standard built-in parallel operation capabilities that can connect up to three devices at a time without a glitch, while backup slots are accessible across the entire power range for different demanding tasks.

On-line double conversion UPS from 4 to 20 kVA

  • On-line double conversion and DSP control technology.
  • Output power factor PF=1.(1)
  • Compact tower format for space saving.
  • Multiple operating modes for better adaptability.
  • Equipped for parallel operation as standard, up to 3 devices.
  • Backup extensions available for all power ratings.

(1) PF=0.9 for devices with (mono-phase input 15 and 20 kVA I/I, three-phase input SLC TWIN/3 PRO2 models)