Salicru SLC Twin RT

The Salicru SLC Twin RT series offers a versatile, high-performance online, double-conversion UPS solution from 700 VA to 10,000 VA with a unity power factor (PF=1). Featuring a convertible tower/rack format, these robust UPS units leverage advanced double-conversion technology to provide reliable backup power while offering backup extensions for all power ratings. The SLC Twin RT possesses switchable output for critical and noncritical loads, parallel compatibility of up to three units, and a PDU strip to ensure efficiency in power distribution for critical applications that demand non-compromising power protection.

  • On-line double-conversion technology. ·
  • Output power factor PF=1.(1) · Convertible tower/rack format. ·
  • Backup extensions available for all power ratings. ·
  • Programmable outputs for critical/non-critical loads.(2) ·
  • Parallelable up to 3 units.(3) ·
  • PDU strip for distribution of output loads

(1) Except for backup extensions from 4 kVA.

(2) For devices of up to 3 kVA.

(3) For devices from 4 kVA