EvTrack – Visitor Management System

Designed for visitor management, physical access control, and health and safety compliance, EvTrack is a software ecosystem system. Since it is an open architecture solution, various hardware can coexist within the same system. Included are self-service kiosks, IP RFID card readers, biometric face readers, QR code readers, license plate recognition cameras (LPR), and handheld devices for data collection, ID verification, and access control. The EvTrack system is composed of these software components.

EvTrack Web Management Interface

  • Web registration form
  • Database import function
  • Watchlist or banned lists
  • Configurable
  • Access control points
  • Invitation & host notification messages
  • Exportable
  • Reports
  • System dashboard
  • Visitor & personnel pages
  • Access control logbook
  • Configuration
  • Automation
  • Gate/door bypass

Visitor Access Control & Screening Application

  • ID Document Scanning
  • QR Code Access Control
  • Host Approval Or Denial
  • Customizable Capture
  • Vehicle LPR

EvTrack Connect App
Resident/Tenant Visitor & Communication Application

  • Invite Mobile Phone Contacts
  • Share Visitor Invites By Whatsapp, Email Or SMS
  • Create Quick Invites For Delivery Services
  • Event Log
  • Document Manager
  • Visitor Virtual Host Approval
  • Dynamic Access Control QR Code Credential
  • List Of Previously Sent Visitor Invites
  • Services Listing

EvTrack Front desk
Self Service Visitor Registration Kiosk App

  • Pre-Registration
  • Visitor Photo Capture
  • Digital Questionnaire
  • Host Approval Or Denial
  • Access Control Integration
  • Facial Reader Capture
  • Pre-Registrated Visitors
  • QR Badge Printing
  • Logo Insert

EvTrack Hardware

  • Visitor Kiosks for Visitor registration & badge printing
  • QR code Access Control from curb to couch