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Transform your business with RFID Solutions

RFID is fast emerging as a powerful tool for personnel tracking, transforming the way businesses manage their workforce, maximising security, and streamlining processes. Whether it is a hospital, a manufacturing unit, or an educational institution, getting visibility of staff in real-time is integral to measuring their productivity and improving their efficiency. WOWRFID’s Bene People, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based people tracking system, provides real time data of the locations of staff, aiding in effective personnel management. It can be used across various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, and construction sites for personnel tracking.

Industries We Serve


Construction Industry

Improve safety and efficiency on construction sites with our RFID people tracking system. Monitor the locations of personnel in real-time, ensure rigorous compliance with safety protocols, and track the usage of equipment.

Healthcare Sector

Track and manage staff, patients, and equipment, ensure timely assistance to patients as well as allocate resources efficiently with RFID people tracking solutions



Manufacturing and Warehousing

Enhance inventory management and tracking of personnel in manufacturing and warehousing environments. Monitor production processes, track shipments, and improve operational efficiency with RFID

Education Institutions

Improve attendance tracking, access control, and ensure student safety within campus with RFID solutions


How is RFID used for people tracking?

Generally, an RFID tag is attached to a person using a lanyard, wristband, bib, key fob, or badge. The individual is asked to wear the tag while he/she is within the premises of RFID deployment. RFID hardware is deployed at certain places or intervals, and, when the RFID tag is read, the data gets recorded, and time stamped. Using software, this data is turned into meaningful information such as race lap time or attendance records.


  • Highly accurate, simple to use, cost-effective, and easy to install
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) provides low-cost, sleek, and easy to deploy indoor positioning and tracking with long battery life
  • Bene People platform, integrated with BLE technology and floor mapping, provides real time movement of the people in any location

Benefits of Bene People

  • Real-time monitoring which provides accurate and tangible data on employees/visitors present at any given moment in real time
  • Enhances workplace safety in high-risk environments such as construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and hazardous work zones
  • Ensures superior personnel safety during emergencies, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries
  • Emergency evacuation: In case of an emergency, such as a fire or chemical leak, it’s extremely critical to know that everyone has been evacuated safely. RFID technology has great potential in enhancing fire emergency response. RFID tags and sensors help firefighters to quickly locate and track people within a burning building. This information is critical in ensuring the proper safety and efficient evacuation of occupants.
  • Facilitates improved resource allocation and efficient workforce management
  • Prevents unauthorized access, strengthens security protocols, and protects highly sensitive information and assets
  • Eliminates the need for manual attendance records, reduces administrative expenses, ensures accuracy in attendance data, and generates greater ROI
  • Generates detailed reports on the movement and activities of personnel which facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements and audits

Choose ScreenCheck For Your People Tracking Needs

At ScreenCheck, we are committed to providing our clients cutting-edge track & trace solutions that surpasses their expectations. Keep track of your personnel, streamline your processes, maximise productivity, and ensure safety with our highly advanced, customised RFID People tracking solutions. Elevate your operational efficiency and take your business to the next level!

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