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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is rapidly transforming the business landscape like never before. Over the years, the applications of RFID technology in a wide range of industries such as Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation and Defence, among others, have dramatically increased. From efficiently streamlining inventory processes in small businesses to facilitating real-time tracking in large-scale logistics, RFID has become a complete gamechanger across industries owing to its versatility and scalability. RFID offers a whole lot of benefits to businesses such as efficient tracking and management of inventory, improved data accuracy, enhanced productivity, regulatory compliance, cost reduction, better security, precise and relevant management information, increased customer satisfaction, and greater ROI.

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  • Are you finding it difficult to identify and locate inventory?
  • Do you still use spreadsheets and outdated legacy systems to manage assets?
  • Look no further; its high-time you adopt an RFID system for your business!

Whether yours is a Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C) enterprise, you can enjoy tremendous benefits by adopting an RFID system. ScreenCheck Middle East, the leading RFID solution provider in the Middle East and Africa, offers high-quality, reliable, customized RFID solutions for Asset tracking, People tracking, Inventory management, Document tracking, and Laundry management that enables you to track and trace objects or people in real-time, enhance operational efficiency, optimise resource allocation, improve safety, and reduce loss through actionable insights.

Planning to implement RFID tracking solution for your business? We’ve got you covered! Backed by our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable RFID specialists, we develop specialised RFID solutions that are tailored for your company’s unique needs and your budget. You can count on us; we offer you the best service, right from the first contact until system deployment. So, whatever your requirement – Fleet tracking, People tracking, Supply chain automation, Production process management, or Retail management, we are here to help you!

A quick glance at how our RFID solutions are transforming businesses

Bene Asset – RFID Asset Tracking

Efficient asset management plays a crucial role in industries, from manufacturing plants to healthcare, hospitality and logistics companies. Get real-time location and status visibility of all assets, reduce costs, save time, and increase efficiency and data accuracy with Bene Asset. Durable, cost-effective and scalable, Bene Asset is purpose-built for asset management and inventory control and utilises RFID technology that offers exceptional value and performance. Integrated with multiple RFID technologies such as UHF and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), Bene Asset is an ideal tracking solution for critical as well as non-critical assets. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and supports unlimited assets, transactions, and concurrent users.

RFID Asset Tracking in Dubai

Bene Inventory – RFID Inventory Tracking

RFID Inventory Tracking in Dubai

RFID is the future of efficient supply chain management. Integrating RFID technology into operations enables businesses to achieve real-time visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain, right from the moment raw materials are sourced to the final delivery of finished products. Expedite the processes, reduce manual labour, improve inventory accuracy, and enhance operational efficiency with Bene inventory. Bene Inventory facilitates the automatic scanning of RFID tags without line-of-sight as well as the bulk scanning of inventory. Flexible and scalable, it can be integrated with existing inventory management software and ERP systems and can be customised according to the specific requirements and workflows of businesses.

Bene People – RFID People Tracking

Whatever your business, getting real-time visibility of staff is important for measuring their productivity and enhancing their efficiency. Bene People, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based people tracking system, facilitates effective personnel management through real-time monitoring of staff, enhances workplace safety in high-risk environments, enables improved workforce management, prevents unauthorized access, and protects highly sensitive information and assets. Bene People is simple to use, cost-effective, and easy to install and is integrated with BLE technology and floor mapping which gives real time movement of the people in any location.

Bene RFID People Tracking in Dubai

Bene File Tracking

Bene File Tracking in Dubai

Track, verify and efficiently manage documents, improve productivity, ensure data security, and make better-informed decisions with Bene Files Tracking Solution. With Bene File Tracking, you get the movement and location history of critical documents, reducing the chances of loss or misplacement of files. Moreover, it facilitates the physical and digital ids of Important files such as legal documents, signed contracts, accounting documents, wills, deeds etc. Bene Passport, the RFID based Passport tracking solution, enables the tracking and tracing of the location of passports in real-time using RFID tags.

Bene Laundry Tracking

Get real-time traceability and status visibility of all laundry, eliminate various labour-intensive manual tasks, and improve operational efficiency with Bene Laundry Management System. With our RFID-based Linen and Uniform tracking system, you can optimize washing cycles, reduce costs, minimise theft and losses, and get complete control over the process. The system has several distinctive features and powerful reporting capabilities that enables efficient linen and uniform management at healthcare facilities, hospitality sector and airline industry.

RFID Laundry tracking in Dubai