RFID Solutions in Dubai

RFID Solutions DubaiRFID solutions use is increasing rapidly today in tracking goods, people, documents, assets and other precious items. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is an advanced technology that is used to identify and track objects. Seamless reading and low cost tags make it one of the fastest growing technologies in the market today. Our RFID solutions in Dubai are developed from our large experience in the auto ID industry.

Our RFID readers can be used in manufacturing companies, software companies, research laboratories, as well as departmental stores. RFID is actually a small device that features a chip and an antenna. The small chip can hold nearly 2000 bytes of data. So, you can store a huge amount of data in the chip.

RFID Reader

High level of accuracy, versatile use, and convenience are the major reasons for the growing demand for RFID readers. In fact, in many places, RFID devices are replacing barcode cards and magnetic strips. In large departmental stores, items are scanned for billing. Reading the bar code was time consuming, leading to long waits at the payment counter. RFID strips have made it easy and quick to scan details. You don’t have to take the product very close to the scanner for it to identify the product details. With the RFID chip, the scanner can identify the details even when the items are up to 20 feet away from the scanner. So, billing gets faster and more efficient.

In any organization, there will be certain areas that only authorized persons can enter. You can monitor and track movement in these restricted areas by using RFID chips and compatible scanner. RFID can be used in the form of chips, cards, tags, labels, fobs, and software programs. With such versatile forms, it becomes easy to use RFID in various applications. RFID chips can be embedded in precious items. In case they are stolen, they can be tracked using the radio signals.

RFID Solutions Dubai

Screen Check in Middle East offers customized RFID solutions in Dubai. Contact us and tell us about your concerns, and we will give you all the assistance you need to select the right RFID reader based on your requirements. We offer the best RFID solutions at an affordable price.