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RFID Solutions

Efficiency is the key to success in today’s fast-paced business environment. Excessive time spent searching for misplaced stock, filing paperwork, or conducting physical counts results in lost productivity and revenue. Advanced technologies, such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), can address these challenges effectively.
RFID uses radio waves to identify and trail items with exceptional accuracy. There are tiny electronic microchips known as RFID tags on assets, inventory items, or even staff badges. These tags contain unique codes that can be read wirelessly by strategically placed RFID readers all over your office.
ScreenCheck is one of the leading RFID solutions providers in UAE. We provide customised RFID systems that seamlessly integrate with your existing processes, providing numerous advantages across different business segments.

Overcoming Business Challenges with RFID Solutions

Here are a few challenges that ScreenCheck Middle East’s RFID arrangements viably address:

  1. Inventory mistakes due to manual tallying errors
  2. Time-consuming and labour-intensive forms
  3. Expensive implementation expenses
  4. Security Concerns due to ineffective hardware

To solve the challenges mentioned above, our experts offer certain services for the reliable adoption of RFID Solutions in the country. These are:

  • Arranging massive amounts of information for the effective utilisation of RFID.
  • Overseeing RFID-enforced alterations to trade processes.
  • Overcoming expensive system execution expenses.
  • Battling the absence of viable middleware.
Benefits of RFID Solutions

By executing a custom-designed RFID arrangement, your business can procure a large number of benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced Stock Information: RFID labels provide reliable information about your stock levels, eliminating inconsistencies and guaranteeing real-time information. This results in more educated choices, decreased stockouts, and better client service.
  • Streamlined Operations: Automated information capture through RFID labels essentially decreases the time and exertion required for stock administration and resource following.
  • Inventory Management: Real-time inventory management through monitoring and management of your stock and financial resources.
  • Enhanced Security: RFID labels act as a computerised security shield, permitting you to track and screen the development of resources in your workspace, discouraging burglary and unauthorised access.

Beyond these benefits, ScreenCheck Middle East’s RFID arrangements offer various other benefits, such as supply chain automation, fleet tracking, personnel tracking, warehouse management, and production process control.

Bene Asset – RFID Asset Tracking

Bene Asset is a cutting-edge resource-following arrangement that leverages both Ultra-High-Frequency (UHF) and Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) advances for better asset control. This strong framework gives unmatched insight into the area and development of your profitable resources, instruments, and other assets.
Fixed RFID infrastructure is utilised for monitoring asset movements when assets are tagged with the required RFID tags. Handheld readers are also utilised for a variety of logistical tasks, including regular asset audits.
Bene Asset solution also supports Android-based RFID mobile devices. The leading RFID mobile readers in the market have pre-integrated mobile applications. RFID Bluetooth-enabled devices, when paired with a compatible mobile device, enable real-time or batch mode connection to backend systems.
Bene Asset Solution offers Floor Map Integration, which coordinates with the floor map of the client building across multiple floors. This application checks asset history and animatedly displays asset movement, thus enabling you to track the movement and location of assets.
Key Features
  • Real-time tracking of assets
  • Quick asset audit function
  • Asset master accompanied with asset images
  • Region-wise analysis of assets
  • Integrated with handheld readers
  • Management dashboard providing asset status information for quick and easy decisions.

With the best RFID asset tracking solutions in our resources, we are the premier RFID solution supplier in UAE.

Bene Passport – RFID Passport Tracking

Bene Passport provides a comprehensive arrangement for organisations that manage a large number of representative travel permits. The passport scanners help verify and store digital copies of employees’ passports, making it easier for the company to reuse digital files for any upcoming needs. By capturing the expiration dates of an employee’s passport and visa, the employer can renew them on time.
Key Features
  • Automated Check-in/Out: With the help of RFID labels and desktop readers, the check-in and check-out of each passport from the premises can be easily monitored.
  • Real-time Tracking: Tracks the development of passports inside your office in real-time, guaranteeing their secure storage and avoiding unauthorised access.
  • Digital Capacity and Expiry Alerts: Safely filter and store advanced duplicates of travel permits inside the framework. Set up programmed reminders to inform you of up-and-coming expiry dates, guaranteeing convenient renewals.
  • Management Dashboard: The management dashboard provides an easy preview of data for quick analysis.
  • Integration with HR Frameworks: Bene Passport consistently coordinates with existing HR administration frameworks, streamlining information and eliminating manual information entry.

These functionalities enable organisations to maintain an organised and effective Passport administration framework, sparing time and assets while guaranteeing compliance with travel regulations.


Bene Inventory – RFID Inventory Tracking

Bene Inventory is a next-generation RFID stock administration arrangement outlined to revolutionise the way you track and control your stock. This framework utilises a combination of RFID tags, Fixed RFID readers, handheld RFID readers, and enterprise-level programs to give real-time stock visibility.

Fixed readers are installed at the room’s exit to monitor the movement of inventory items outside the room and get triggered in case of unauthorised movement.

However, the RFID handheld reader provides a more mobile approach during challenging situations for quick auditing of the available inventory items or locating the missed item from the lot. Therefore, it helps to save the data in the software without manually counting the products.

inventory-tracking RFID
Benefits of RFID Inventory Tracking
  • Reduction in labour cost due to automated process
  • Accurate tracking of the stock
  • Time-saving from bulk scanning
  • Reduced shrinkage due to heightened visibility
  • Real-time inventory update and transparency of stock while scanning the RFID label

Bene People – BLE People Tracking

Bene People utilises Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to track personnel’s locations inside a specific region, regular buildings, or campuses.

Special fixed equipment, known as gateways, is fixed to the walls or ceiling to receive wireless signals from wearable Bluetooth beacons or ID badges allotted to individuals.

  • Emergency Mustering Technology for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Real-time tracking of people and visitors in various industries
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Construction site personnel tracking
  • School security and child tracking
RFID Solution Supplier in Saudi Arabia

Bene File Tracking

file-tracking RFID Saudi Arabia

Finding and locating important files can be difficult for businesses with large file collections. ScreenCheck ME’s RFID File Tracking system provides a solution that guarantees speedy and simple access to imperative documents.

  • RFID Labels for Each File: Each file is labelled with an RFID tag, permitting simple distinguishing proof and tracking.
  • Real-time Tracking: Tracks the location of files using UHF RFID tags and mobile device data.
  • Security Upgrades: RFID readers and antennae at the workspace’s exit point help to prevent unauthorised file movement beyond the permitted region.
  • Accountability: The framework keeps a record of who accessed a specific record and when thus improving responsibility and security.

Bene Laundry Tracking

Get real-time traceability and status visibility of all laundry, eliminate various labour-intensive manual tasks, and improve operational efficiency with Bene Laundry Management System. With our RFID-based Linen and Uniform tracking system, you can optimize washing cycles, reduce costs, minimise theft and losses, and get complete control over the process. The system has several distinctive features and powerful reporting capabilities that enables efficient linen and uniform management at healthcare facilities, hospitality sector and airline industry.


In today’s competitive market, effectiveness and development are key differentiators. ScreenCheck’s customised RFID arrangements enable businesses of all sizes, regardless of their sector, to optimise operations, minimise squandering, and maximise productivity.

Contact ScreenCheck Middle East now for a free consultation. Our group of specialists will evaluate your particular needs and prescribe a custom-tailored RFID Solution that is cost-effective and provides genuine results. Together, let’s revolutionise the way you oversee your resources, stock, personnel, and documents.

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