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October 30, 2019
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November 19, 2019

Time-consuming paperwork deters the smooth functioning of an organization. From hospitals and schools to retail stores and even corporate offices, the administration of a business is often knee-deep in maintaining important files.

Today, the world is moving towards automation. In the present era, the biggest gift that a company can have is the gift of time. This is why organizations, in large numbers, are making use of various automation technologies to cut down on some of the most tedious procedures. For example, instead of a roll call at the start of a class, the use of a computerized system for marking the attendance is a good way to save time. In this article, let's have a look at how technology like ScreenCheck- a security company that provides end-to-end solutions in ID card issuance, Access Control, Smart Card Surveillance, Time & Attendance, and Video Surveillance - is revolutionizing the way we do business and carry out other important tasks.

How ScreenCheck Is Providing Laudable Security Solutions

Here are some of the many advantages that ScreenCheck provide to their consumers.

1. In School: Student Tracking System

The adoption of RFID solutions by schools is a good way to enhance the security of students. The same system can also be used to monitor the staff of the school. The technology offers the following features.

  • Marks the attendance of the students
  • Students' real-time positioning - some student ID cards also carry a panic button that allows them to call for help in case they wander off to an unknown territory. With the press of the button, the school receives the precise location of the student that helps in the timely rescue of the student.
  • Library management - it is easy to track which student has taken which book to home
  • Managing report cards of the students and other personal documentation
2. In Retail: Skip the Queue

Long queues in a retail store usually result in loss of revenue. Customers drop everything that they have selected and move on to some other shop which is less crowded. This loss of revenue can be dealt with through ScreenCheck RFID suppliers in UAE. Through RFID security solutions, retail chains allow customers to pick up the item they love and leave the shop without paying at the counter. Through the used of RFID technology, the store will automatically charge the person's account and send them a digital receipt. This not only helps the retail store manage its operations, but it also allows customers to save some time that is otherwise spent waiting in queues.

3. In Hospitals: A Hassle-Free Experience

Every time you visit a hospital, you also carry a large file that has all your test reports. In an emergency, you cannot possibly remember to carry all the reports with you. What if there was a way your doctor can access past files with a single click? RFID solutions make it possible for hospitals to manage digital accounts of a patient that store all the relevant information.

ScreenCheck MiddleEast is skilfully incorporating innovative technology in almost every organization to prevent companies from spending so much time in maintaining records.