Time and Attendance System Solution in Dubai, UAE

 From TimeClock to Biometric Time Attendance System

Before the introduction of advanced time attendance system, it was just a clock and a paper card. This made it an extremely tedious task to manage, analyse and implement the data into payroll solutions and Paid Time Off. To make the system more efficient and easier we came up with the Biometric Machines of today; with these innovations in Time and Attendance systems all the calculations are already done and ready. Today Suprema is the leading innovator in Biometric Attendance systems.
I am glad you asked, in a nutshell; Time Attendance systems allow business owners a real time view of their biggest and most expensive asset, their employees. They will be able to see who all are on the clock and where the hours are going.
To provide Time and Attendance Solutions Suprema has the next line of Biometric Machines to do the job and more.  They have devices that suit every purpose and need. Starting from the Suprema BioLite  which is the smallest IP based fingerprint scanner, due to its rugged exterior and waterproofing is best suited for outdoor use. To the truly advanced BioStation A2 which is the industry’s fastest Biometric Fingerprint Scanner.
  • It allows employees to clock in and out electronically 
  • Data collected is instantly processed by the accompanying software.
  • Makes it possible to monitor mobile employees through geolocation and geofencing.
  • Know who is in for work, who is not, late entries, and who is there over time. 
  • Generate employee schedules
  • software does all the calculations, this reduces chances of errors.

Time and Attendance solution Dubaitime-attendance-system-dubai

If your company does not have one centralised location, it can be challenging when it is time to figure out payroll. However, if you use a modern Time and Attendance solution, it creates a centralised database that you can access from anywhere with all the data computed.
It is also better in the long run to integrate a system that can grow with your business even if your business is still growing. Get ahead of the curve early, and it will reward you later. 
Moreover, finally the one word everyone dreads, paperwork. Sorting, managing, and processing paperwork can be incredibly time-consuming and prone to errors; with the Suprema Biometric Attendance Machine
, you can spend less time and resources on paperwork as the accompanying software directly computes the data and integrates it into your payroll solution. 

Why Suprema Biometric Time Attendance System?

Suprema has consistently topped performance charts in the industry with their state of the art Time and Attendance solutions. However, a machine without the software ends up falling short; this is where Suprema’s Live Finger Detection and the array of algorithms come into play, complementing the device with the tools necessary to provide you with a safe, secure and reliable solution

Whether it be for a simple door or a complex networked system, Suprema’s wide range of Biometric machines such as the Suprema Biostation A2, Suprema BioEntry Plus, Suprema BioEntry W2, Suprema BioStation L2, Suprema BioLite Net and much more can make things a whole lot simpler and efficient.