Video Surveillance Solutions, a necessity

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Good security is essential for any business. But gaining visibility into your company can be a challenge whether it be one location or one thousand locations, having a working, efficient video surveillance system can go a long way for you. From deterring crime to methodically documenting events.

CCTV Video Surveillance Solution

Video surveillance systems

Traditional video surveillance systems were pretty expensive and compared to the results it yields that is. grainy images and limited archiving capabilities it did not seem all that worth it. But with Internet Protocol enabled video surveillance we now have a broad range of video surveillance solutions that are affordable at the same time. But with this many choices selecting the right one for you could end up as a challenge itself.

Since you have to take into account factors like whether the software is compatible with your systems, whether you have a base infrastructure for it or will you have to make a new one from scratch and most importantly what will bring your money the most value. But worry not our team of factory trained engineers are available to help you every step of the way.

Now almost all video surveillance solutions store their footage digitally as opposed to the old analogue tapes, this reduces costs, increases quality and versatility. Making operations smarter and secure. Along with this state of the art software that completes the system comes with onboard analytics and sensors that notify the operator when anomalies arise.

Using a comprehensive video surveillance system, you reduce loss, document events, improve employee safety, gain visibility and ensure optimum performance. A video monitoring system isn’t just to deter crime from happening, but you can also find out problem areas in your business, assess them and deal with them thus improving the productivity of your workplace.

Theft, fraud and other malicious activities are costing organizations by the billions every year, and these factors are no longer fixed by having a lonesome security guard keeping watch over a couple of monitors. Modern systems are automated since the video footage is digital video analytics software can be used to automatically identify trigger events such as someone shoplifting or someone trespassing. This decreases the time it takes to generate a response and take action.

With the recent improvements to network-based video solutions, it is the right time now to address your video surveillance needs. We understand that every business is unique and has its own requirements, that’s why we take the time out to understand your business and cater a system that fits well into your business. ScreenCheck is the top supplier of video surveillance solutions here in Dubai, get in touch with us, and we’ll help make your organization secure and ready.