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Video Surveillance

Starting from pinhole cameras to multi-sensor panoramic cameras you are able to record a wide field of view anywhere! Get a camera that can record videos even in the harshest of environmental conditions. Our surveillance cameras offer broad viewing angles, work in any weather, and have all the security features and use cases you need. Trust us for upfront, reliable protection – your peace of mind matters. Cameras from ScreenCheck ME can incorporate intelligent analytics, perform facial recognition, temperature measurements, count people, manage gauges and read licence plates of cars. You can even create alerts and track the cause of hazardous situations from a single device.


Some of the features the cameras offer include:
Extended Viewing Angles with Anti-Fog Feature and Lightning Protector

Our advanced camera system offers extended viewing angles. Anti-fog features. Great performance even in tough weather. Our cameras deliver crisp, high-quality videos and images.
Infrared Detection for Surveillance at Night and Backlight rectification

Our selected models come equipped with an extra edge – Infrared Detection. This game-changing feature ensures precise detection of people and objects in low visibility or dark conditions. But that's not all – our video surveillance cameras go above and beyond by seamlessly compensating for challenging backlight conditions. No more compromises in capturing crucial moments – redefine your surveillance experience with technology that effortlessly adapts to varying lighting challenges.
Transmission Feed in Frames Per Second and Network Interfaces

Experience superior video quality – the key to efficient tracking of critical events. A minimum of 15 frames per second ensures swift monitoring of risky situations. Elevate your security with cutting-edge technology for rapid, high-quality video feeds. The frames per second of the video Surveillance can be increased or decreased depending on the megapixels. More megapixels with lesser frames per second and vice-versa.
Network Video Recorders

NVRs are useful, as they have replaced the traditional DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) for Audio-Video capturing. Use NVR from the experts that can provide you efficient monitoring of premises. With VGA output for recording scenes, compatibility is assured They also come with report generation when there are network problems or malfunctioning of the Video Surveillance.

Some of the benefits of using CCTV video surveillance systems with a high-performance Network Video Recorders are as follows:

  • Remote Monitoring
    Transform your monitoring experience effortlessly with a CCTV surveillance system. Keep an eye on your premises remotely. Utilise high quality HDMI cables to seamlessly project audio-video output onto screens.
  • Intruder Alarm System Attachment
    Connect CCTV and motion sensors to intruder alarm systems for increased security. Get real-time alerts on threats in restricted areas. Easily access and collect data with an easy-to-use login. Increase your surveillance capabilities for complete protection and security.
  • Mishap Tracker
    CCTV systems are useful for recording and keeping safe information about daily events. The system is also useful for tracking illegal activities including thefts and other mis-happenings. The recordings are also important as legal proof for certain cases that may arise during operations.
  • Smart Analytics
    These video surveillance cameras are equipped with motion detectors. Using these video surveillance cameras, you can make use of facial recognition technology, Heat mapping systems accessible for a building, and track goods from a single video camera. Apart from that, the camera is also beneficial for the queue management system for public and private buildings. For increasing perimeter safety, the camera can also be installed near entries or exits to track and manage perimeter breaches.


Key industries where video surveillance matters are as follows



Government buildings, government banks, Railways, Roads, Highways, and Government Premises.



Corporate Buildings, Lobbies, Meeting rooms, conference rooms, office floors, lifts, garages, and inventory.



Private buildings, entries-exits and room interiors.

About Our Solutions

ScreenCheck ME, is a leading player in the Security and Identification industry and our expertise is unmatched in the domain. Starting from simple identification and access control systems to complex tracking solutions, ScreenCheck ME has it all and even more. The solutions from ScreenCheck ME are making a difference across businesses and professional institutions. We have expert solutions that can cater to different industry or business needs. Our experience for many years in the field with a huge number of clients drives our excellence in taking up the most difficult of challenges. Get expert solutions for all your surveillance needs.

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