Video Surveillance Solutions in Dubai, UAE

Video Surveillance

If you want to have round-the-clock surveillance in your building, then you should go for e-security systems. It is practically not possible to have security personnel tracking and monitoring all the movement in your facility. There are always chances of human error due to fatigue and oversight. Plus, if you have a large area to monitor, then you need to have equally large number of resources to cover the entire area. Manual monitoring is not only prone to errors, but also expensive. The better option will be to go for video surveillance CCTV is a comprehensive video surveillance solution that helps you monitor and improve productivity and also secure your premises by monitoring the visitors. Our partnership with the major international camera and accessory manufacturers helps us provide the most advanced and competitive solutions to our customers. Our electronic article surveillance systems and e-security systems are top notch and of very high quality. You can be assured of getting full value for your money when you buy surveillance systems from us.We will also customize the security systems to meet your building’s specific needs. If you want indoor or outdoor CCTVs, we will help you choose the right ones based on your requirements, preferences, and budget. There are different types of CCTV cameras that are used for video surveillance. The most commonly used types are dome, box, and cube. You can also go for hidden security cameras if you want to monitor sensitive areas. These e-security systems can be either wired or wireless. While setting up an outdoor monitoring system, it will be best to go for wireless security systems. The videos captured by the security cameras are transmitted to a server or a computer system for storage and viewing.Our installation & maintenance division has a strong foundation of field engineers and technicians ensuring the best service to our clients. Regular factory training by our suppliers and partners ensures that our engineers are always updated on the latest technologies and equipment.