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What is Visitor Management?

Visitor management ensures a smooth and organised process for registering, communicating, and monitoring visitors. In today's digital age, managing visitors has evolved beyond manual pen-and-paper logbooks. It is about leveraging technology to enhance security, improve efficiency, and provide a welcoming experience.

Key Benefits of Implementing a Visitor Management System

Visitor management is not just about tracking who enters your premises. It is about ensuring safety, enhancing efficiency, and offering a seamless experience to every visitor.

Enhanced Security

Monitor and identify individuals to ensure they meet entry requirements.


Automate the check-in/check-out process and free up your front desk team.


Maintain detailed visitor records to meet workplace regulations.

Visitor Experience

Impress guests with custom invites, digital sign-ins, and real-time notifications.

Why Visitor Management is Crucial in Today’s Workplace?


Running a workplace can be a complex, time-consuming job. When relying on manual processes, overseeing visitors can take up a large chunk of time. Luckily, with the right tools and processes in place, your team can save time and work smarter, while also making sure your visitors have a great experience in the workplace.

It gives guests a great first impression

A Visitor Management System can help you impress guests before they even walk through your doors. Send them a custom invite to the workplace that has everything they need to know about their visit. Include directions, parking instructions, and anything unique to your workplace they should be aware of before they arrive. You can even send them your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) ahead of time, so they can take their time reading and signing the document.

It ensures your business looks polished and professional

Rather than using pen and paper, a VMS lets you wow your guests with a sleek, digital sign-in process that shows off your brand. This not only makes it faster and easier for visitors to sign into the workplace, but it also enables your team to work more efficiently. Without having to keep track of your visitors manually, they can focus on what matters most.

It automatically notifies employees when their guests arrive

Speaking of what matters most, a VMS will free up your front desk team so they can make sure guests feel welcomed and prepared for their visit. Rather than having to track down someone’s host, your VMS will automatically send them a notification. This allows your team to provide guests with helpful information about the workplace or offer them a welcome beverage while they wait. These small acts can make all the difference in giving guests a good first impression of your business.

It adds an extra layer of security to the workplace

A VMS will also help you keep your workplace secure. You can use it to pre-screen visitors so you’re confident that everyone onsite is cleared to be there. You can also ensure no one overstays their welcome by displaying their sign-in time on their custom visitor badge. Plus, rather than share your one-and-only Wi-Fi password with guests, a VMS will allow your team to securely share unique credentials with each guest for their visit.

It helps you meet your workplace compliance requirements

A VMS will allow you to digitally maintain detailed visitor records. You can view these records on a local or global level, and easily export them when you want to dive deeper. On top of that, a VMS can help you safeguard visitor information by enabling you to control which admins can view and manage your visitor data.

It enables you to scale to new locations quickly

By centralising your visitor management, you can monitor multiple locations, deploy to new sites, and standardise your processes. Plus, you can ensure you provide a consistent, high-quality visitor experience across your different workplaces.

It helps you keep your workplace occupancy data accurate

A VMS allows you to be certain everyone onsite is accounted for in your occupancy data. This will ensure your team can better plan for onsite amenities, such as welcome packs and catering services.

How to tell if your business needs a visitor management system?

A VMS can benefit any organisation, of any size, in any industry. Even small workplaces with basic visitor needs can benefit from a visitor management system. However, if your organisation is larger, or has more complex safety, security, and compliance needs, investing in a visitor management solution is a must.

Still unsure? Here are a few signs your organisation needs a VMS:
  • The front desk team still uses pen and paper to sign guests in.
  • Your visitor registration process is different at each location.
  • Your visitor volume has increased or feels unwieldy to manage.
  • Your organisation wants to improve the visitor experience.
  • Your organisation has complex safety, security, and compliance needs.
  • Your organisation wants to collect more accurate workplace occupancy data.

Meet Our Trusted Visitor Management Solution Partners


VAMS is a comprehensive solution that enables organisations to streamline visitor registration, track visitor movements, and enhance security measures. It offers a range of features, including visitor pre-registration, visitor check-in/ check-out, and real-time reporting. With our visitor management system in UAE, businesses can automate their visitor management process, ensuring a faster and more efficient experience for visitors while maintaining safety and security. Our visitor management solution is easy to use, and it can be customised to meet the unique needs of any organisation.


EvTrack excels in visitor management, providing a seamless and highly efficient platform tailored for diverse settings such as organisations, companies, and residential buildings. This software solution streamlines the visitor registration process through its adaptable deployment options, from pre-registration and self-service kiosks to handheld guard registration. Designed with user convenience in mind, it simplifies management tasks, ensuring effortless pre-registration and setup. Every visitor enjoys the personalised touch of an individual profile page, enhancing the overall experience of visitor management within any given environment.

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