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Work Space Management

Searching for the best, most productive, and work-friendly meeting room has become a complex task these days. There are many factors to consider rather than just room availability. These include seating capacity, equipment setup, and easy accessibility for visitors.
Well, our workspace management solution can address all these challenges with the utmost efficiency. This solution offers unique and comprehensive features to schedule the most effective and productive meetings.
Our solution, “KuiqMeeting,” is more than providing a seamless workflow. It provides greater accessibility to users so they can easily view, search, and book meeting rooms.
With built-in signage systems and integrated RFID readers, you can display meeting-related information, capture meeting attendance, and access an admin dashboard to view information and track approvals without any hindrance.
Furthermore, Kuiq Meeting has a user-friendly interface with easy navigation, which ensures that you can book a meeting room quickly and easily.
Solution Features
  • Compatible with Android and Windows Platforms
  • Accessible through the internet or intranet
  • Allows hierarchical authorization
  • Promotes rule-based room utilisation
  • Allows distant equipment oversight
  • Assists with Cordless and Battery-driven system
  • Facilitates mobile guest authentication
  • Helps in QR code generation
  • Provides organiser alerts
  • Serves as a smart guest management solution
  • Provides time status
  • Supplies ePaper (Dynamic Meeting Delegate Labels)

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